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In-shape is a product highly recommended by doctors to minimize the size of your body. You can get Inshape in Trivandrum from Ramachandran. InShape will be perfect for personal trainers, fitness aficionados, and even sports gyms. We are confident that this will help everyone lose weight, trim the fat and get in shape! In-Shape helps you to shape your body and boost your confidence . In-Shape is designed to reduce your abdomen size and restore your body to a perfect look. In-shape Elastic Abdominal Binder is a wide demanded orthopaedic product of Herbix India Pvt. Ltd, marketing division of PPG located in Kochi. Herbix lead the marketing of various products of PPG.. In-shape Elastic Abdominal Binder is a specially designed, scientifically proven orthopaedic product, which help to maintain your body shape easily. It masks the flaccid abdominal muscles and tones them up, eventually firming them, and prevents the expansion of waistline easily. In-shape abdominal binder is a medically prescribed orthopaedic product and is 100% safe. The Herbix India Research and Development Division has designed and developed In-shape after years of research work... Product quality is well appreciated across India. Now SHAPE your confidence with In-shape.

You can buy Inshape in Trivandrum from Ramachandran mall.

  • Holds back and Masks the buldge
  • Useful for both men and women
  • Solid elastic construction
  • Fully imported elastic with gripping device.
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Made in such a way to suit small to large frame.
  • Washable and long lasting
  • Tones up the flaccid abdominal muscles
  • Prevents the expansion of waist-line
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