Choose from our Wide range of Wireless Headset which lets you witness high quality music with powerful bass, which lifts up your spirit instantly. The headset comes in a rich and elegant design with soft leatherette ear cushions crafted for pure comfort. The on-board music quick controls adds on to the comfort and built-in Mic lets you stay in touch with your loved ones in the most convenient way. Experience the ultimate audio experience. This pair of headphones is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Its long-lasting battery is designed to perform for up to 8 hours. Hands free calling- The speaker’s inbuilt noise cancelling microphone lets you do so without you having to pause your music. You can pause/play, change tracks, adjust the volume and even answer calls or reject calls with a simple tap.

  • Price starting from 999
  • Available at - Pazhavagadi , Attakulangara (5th Floor), Shop Online


Multipurpose Bluetooth Wireless mic with Bluetooth speaker and microphone. can work independently without extra connection. Portable and durable, easy to carry and use.The simplicity of the microphone karaoke machine usage. Allows you to sing and record you voice anywhere.Professional tuning button, high pitch / bass/volume/Accompany/reverberation all can be adjusted via this microphone..Device is portable, family fun during camping trips or any social gathering. Hard Case packaging protects the microphone karaoke machine when not in use. Simple to connect to your iPhone or any Bluetooth enabled device that you may be using. . Perfect for using during parties and also makes a great gift for anyone that enjoys singing. The transmission of the sound of your voice from the microphone to the speakers is crystal clear. High compatibility, fit for computer, Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, MID, audio player with 3.5 aux in jack..

  • Price starting from 999
  • Available at - Pazhavagadi , Attakulangara (5th Floor), Shop Online


Choose from our wide range of portable Bluetooth speakers with incredible sound quality. audio driver and passive subwoofer ensure you get crystal-clear sound and powerful bass from a speaker you can literally take anywhere. Advanced Bluetooth Technology Bluetooth seamlessly connects to any Bluetooth device such as smart phones, tablets and computers to playback any music collection stored on them. With simplified controls so that to have a hassle free experience while listening to your favourite tracks on the speaker. It features volume up and volume down buttons, power button, play button and mode button to switch the mode of your music. With 8 to 15 hours of play time.

  • Price starting from 999
  • Available at - Pazhavagadi , Attakulangara (5th Floor), Shop Online
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