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How to Wear a Saree

Step -1
To decide that how low you need to keep the sari, the best way is to start draping a sari while wearing your footwear.
Take your sari, taking its corner in such a manner that the fall comes to your front in the bottom.

Step -2
Deciding how low to keep the sari, tuck the extra material in your petticoat in such a manner that it goes in round manner to the other end.

Step -3
Wrap it this way at least 2 times tucking the material in your petticoat. Tighten it properly so that you don’t face problem afterwards.

Step -4
Now wrap it one more time, but this time take the pallu that is the designed left part of the sari and drop it over your left shoulder till the length you want.

Step -5
Now tuck the sari that goes through your pallu to the left of your waist tightly. You would find the remaining drape from the left tucked cloth till the 2nd wrap completion.

Step -6
With the remaining cloth start taking pleats. Open up your right hand and hold the cloth with your thumb and last finger. Start taking further pleats using alternate fingers. You would probably have around 5 to 6 pleats.

Step -7
Hold the pleated sari in your hand till your forehead so that you can easily align the pleats with each other. To make it secure pin them together, so that even you feel that you need to loosen them a bit down it would be easy for you.

Step -8
Tuck the pinned pleats in your petticoat according to the length of the wrapped sari. Tuck it exactly in the middle below your belly button.

Step – 9
Coming back to pallu, if you want to leave it open than just fix its neck side line with your blouse. If you want to have a pleated pallu, you can do that too. To have pleated pallu take the hanging pallu from its hand and pleat it in the same using your thumb, middle finger and the last finger till you get the desired pleats. Making it tight on your chest pin the same to your blouse.

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